Machine Learning and AI

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This Machine Learning and AI skill program dives into the basics of machine learning using an approachable, and well-known, programming language. You’ll learn about Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning, look into how Statistical Modeling relates to Machine Learning, and do a comparison of each.
Look at real-life examples of Machine learning & AI and how it affects society in ways you may not have guessed!

Explore many algorithms and models:

  • Popular algorithms: Classification, Regression, Clustering, and Dimensional Reduction.
  • Popular models: Train/Test Split, Root Mean Squared Error, and Random Forests.

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Program Highlights

  • 2+1+1 Weeks Offline/Online Classes/Project
  • 150+ hours of Learning
  • 20+ hours of Mentorship
  • Live Coding Classes
  • 5+ Industrial Project
  • Earn industry certification

Course Structure

  • Basics of Python – python syntax
  • Native data types of Python – lists, dictionaries, tuples
  • Function, Constructor, OOPs concept
  • Understanding Data Analytics
  • Pandas basics
  • Filtering and Sorting data
  • Machine Learning
  • Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning
  • Support vector machines
  • Python SciKits

Case Study and Capstone Project

Expected Date : 20 June 2022


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