Private: Code with Blockly
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In our last lesson, we answered 6 basic questions before entering the world of programming.

Congratulations! Now that you are ready to learn to code, there are some basics to learn before we start with actual coding.

Let us start with some examples,

  • Can you identify the difference between ‘723’ and ‘cat’?
    • Easy enough, correct, the first one is a number while the second one is a word.
  • And what is the difference between 7 and 7.7?
    • While the first one is an integer the second one is a decimal point number.

Through our years of education, we have learned to differentiate between the texts we write. They can be alphabets, words, real numbers, integers, etc. But how would a computer know which is which?

Easy, either we tell the computer to identify them as such, or it identifies them by default. In terms of programming, such identification is called Data Type.

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