Private: Code with Blockly
About Lesson

By now you have learned about the basics of programming. Although the writing style and rules may change from language to language (Different programming languages have different rules and syntax) the basic flow of code will remain the same. This flow is also known as an algorithm. By now you must have realized that before writing any code, you have to think about its flow.
Without determining the algorithm beforehand, you might have to go through multiple failed codes. To make it simpler we can use flowcharts.

Flowcharts use various geometric shapes to depict the algorithm. Below given are the shapes used and their usage.

To practice them, let us begin with something simple. Let us make a flowchart for the addition of two numbers.

That was easy, right? When you compare the code and flowchart, you will notice that the algorithm is the same. Now let us move to a more complex code and its flowchart. In this code, we will generate two random numbers and compare their values, after which we will print the larger number.

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