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What is Makerspace ?

It is a space that helps you innovate and learn through interactions. Makerspace provides a wide variety of technologies to people who might not otherwise have access to such powerful tools to bring their ideas to life.

Why makerspace?

Makerspace aims at grooming fine motor skills, creativity and critical thinking, the essence of STEM education, in the younger generation. We aim at making the budding makers realize their role in the future by introducing them to industry concepts along with professional grade equipment.

Embedded Systems and Internet of Things

As global internet access and connected devices continue to grow exponentially, embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) have emerged to become a force to reckon. IoT can help transform any business in any industry, from manufacturing to saving endangered species, hence creating endless opportunities as you look to make your mark.

PCB Designing

As electronic gadgets flood our daily lives, have you ever stopped to think, what makes them tick? If you have, you will be well aware of what a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is. If not, PCB is the backbone of every electronic device you see around you. We teach you the nuances of designing a PCB from its fundamentals as we stand by our word of helping the budding makers bring their ideas to life at our makerspace.

Rapid Prototyping

Everyone dreams of seeing their idea come to life and 3D printing gives you the power to do the same at your fingertips. The technology is hailed to have the potential to revolutionize our societies and transform the development sector. And our makerspace provides you the platform to access it with great ease as we facilitate the journey of your idea on the road to becoming a product.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

As we strive to automate our daily lives, machine learning and artificial intelligence have grown to become a much sought after technology. While machine learning was born as a necessity to achieve automation, it has a wide range of applications ranging from robotics to quantum computing and computer vision. We offer courses for beginners in our makerspace to help bring our budding makers to par with the skills that the world demands.

Our Endgame

Humankind is heading towards a world where skills and experience decide how your life pans out. Gone are the days when only textbook knowledge and good grades guaranteed the success of a young professional. As we continue to thrive towards a technologically developed world, hands-on training and skills, or STEM education to be exact, is the way for budding makers.

While STEM education was an alien concept in our country not so long ago, the government has come to recognize the potential it carries and the same is seen in the new education policy which was passed by the government as it encouraged students to learn handy skills like coding from a tender age.

We not only give the students freedom to choose their domain at our makerspace but also be providing them industry level guidance. Our goal here is to train the bidding makers for their days as a professional while encouraging them to innovate and make their mark.

The first step in one’s journey as a maker is to innovate. Based on the pillars of design thinking, frugal innovation and rapid prototyping we offer a creative learning environment where you get to meet like-minded talents and start a lifelong journey of learning!

Our mission is to make great innovators out of the future generation and to take responsibility for adding positive value to their surroundings, adding the same to the world as a whole. Our makerspace provides excellence in technology along with all the tools and guidance one will need to create awesome products.

While innovating is the first step, implementing, although second, is the most important part of the process of becoming a maker. We provide you a place, the makerspace, to bring your idea to life under the guidance of industry experts.

Bounded by no schedules, one can barge in anytime they want and tinker away with the plethora of developing boards, sensors and tools to see where their idea stands in the real world. For those with no prior experience, it is the perfect place to not only acquire new skills but to execute them under the guidance of experts.

Barring the ton of tangible skills that one acquires at our makerspace, there is much more behind the scenes. Innovation along with hands-on experience and rapid prototyping inculcates creative and critical thinking along with problem solving skills in the minds of the budding makers.

Working with new faces at the makerspace further enhances the interpersonal skill of the youngsters who very soon will find themselves in a similar situation as they dive into the industry. Teamwork, communication and professionalism are some of the many soft skills they will be sharpening at the makerspace.

Our established makerspace

We provide you custom makerspace setup for your institutions as we thrive to help students pan India to make their ideas come to life. Spaces like these are what ignite the fire of innovation in the minds of the budding makers. We have helped in connecting the wise and experienced members of various institutions to the young and willing-to learn youth of the community. Take a peek at the makerspaces we have already set up which are helping people realize their true potential.

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