September 13, 2021

Audio Spectrum Analyzer Using Arduino Uno

This video will illustrate you how to visualize audio left and right signals in bar-graph on 16×2 LCD Display using Arduino.   Components Required: 1. Arduino UNO 2. 16X2 LCD Display 3. 3.5mm Audio Jack 4. Jumper Wires   Connection Diagram: Video Link   Code

Arduino Based Acrylic Emblem Light

This Blog will illustrate to you how to make Color changing Emblen light using the PWM of Arduino.using this you can make your emblems look more attractive. Video Link Components Required Arduino UNO 12V RGB led strip 2N2222 Transistor 10K ohm Resistor Jumper Wires Small Breadboard Acrylic Engraved Emblem IC7805 Power Regulator Circuit Diagram  Arduino …

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